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For Optimum Performance, Visibility and Profitability

A website audit examines the performance of your online presence. This can be anything from analysing what links you use, to exploring your website visitor’s journey to taking a detailed look at your content and assessing its performance and level of authenticity.

Audits are not restricted to just your website, but also includes social media platforms, referrers (where people are visiting your site from) and also the performance of competitor’s websites in comparison.

Many businesses invest substantially in a website but are frustrated with the results (or lack thereof). That’s where a website audit can help – discovering the areas for improvement and allowing your site to grow and become your 24/7 salesperson.

What Is A Website Audit?

Very simply, a website audit provides businesses with actionable assessments as to why their websites aren’t attracting enough visitors and why those visitors aren’t converting into paying customers.

It is a thorough and complete analysis of your website’s structure to identify its strengths and weaknesses. An OMG! website auditor, reviews and provides feedback on how visitors behave within a website, identify sources of traffic and evaluates site usability to understand its effectiveness and performance.


SEO Audit

Have previous SEO efforts hurt your performance?

Link Audit

Do you have toxic links to your website?

Competitor Audit

Discover how you stack up against your competitors

Review of Accessibility

Complying with the W3C Web Accessibility initiative increases visibility of your site, speeds search engine indexing and generally increases the availability of your site to a greater audience. The web auditor evaluates foremost whether a website has complied with the overall W3C standards. The W3C guidelines help web developers ensure web accessibility across all industries and countries whilst enhancing interoperability of web-related products.

Additionally, the web auditor will also provide feedback on other recommended changes that would enhance the website’s design to comply more closely with the W3C’s guidelines.

Other Categories to Audit

Apart from ensuring that a website complies with accessibility standards, the web auditor also reviews other important areas that could enhance a website’s usability, effectiveness and performance, such as:

  • Overall design
  • Ease of navigation
  • eCommerce
  • Search engine standards compliance
  • Technical performance
  • Compliance with legal and security standards

Why Your Website Needs An Audit

With a website audit, businesses can get to know their visitors more and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns through key performance indicators (KPIs). It also helps them identify opportunities for increasing traffic and sales conversion.

A website audit gives businesses an accurate snapshot of their current online position. It also gives them a roadmap for reaching their goals through actionable recommendations.

Your business may need an audit if:

  • A redesign of the website is being considered (such as in the case of re-branding)
  • Leads and sales from your website are lacking
  • You acknowledge that your website isn’t working, but you can’t pinpoint the problem
  • There’s a need to understand what works and what doesn’t
  • Paid search marketing or advertising isn’t an option due to financial constraints.

The OMG! Website Audit Advantage

OMG! offers one of the most reliable and effective website audit services available. We begin by evaluating the business’ web analytics, and then assessing its usability and web traffic sources to come up with a comprehensive view of what needs to be done to improve effectiveness and performance.

What to expect

Our team works closely with your business as we identify issues and opportunities. Here’s how it works:

  • OMG! will meet with the business stakeholders to identify the business issues they face
  • A timeline of the project will then be provided
  • There will be ongoing discussions to address other issues that may not have been identified at the outset
  • After completing the audit, a copy will be sent to the business owner for review
  • OMG! follow-up after the review process.

Website Audit Action Plans – Putting it All Together

OMG! will put together a thorough audit of the business’ website including the assessment details. But that is just part of the roadmap to web performance improvement.

A good website audit not only shows businesses areas of improvement; it also walks them through the process of effective optimisation, web development best practices, lead generation and sales conversion.

OMG!’s commitment is to ensure that the business is provided with the knowledge and tools needed to improve their website’s usability and performance. That’s why OMG! will provide an Action Plan that covers all the specific steps that the business needs to take to address all the items in the audit, as well as those that might not have been covered.

The website audit action plan includes recommendations on:

  • Solutions at the code level
  • How navigation can be improved
  • Choosing keywords to optimise for the site
  • Content marketing
  • Improving the website’s link building strategies

Whilst specific results cannot be guaranteed, the action plan that OMG! recommends is based on the best practices that Google and other major search engines prescribe.

OMG!’s action plans are based on years of experience in working with clients who have seen significant improvements in their business’ online presence after implementing the recommendations.

Let’s talk today to find out more about how we can work together towards improving your website’s effectiveness and performance. Call us on +617 3170 3220.


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