Have you heard the saying “the money is in the list”?

Chances are you have! And it sounds like there’s a reasonable deal of truth in that statement. Right?!?!

I thought so too until I heard this story………

I was having a conversation recently with a business owner who has a list of nearly 10,000 subscribers. Yet they can barely attribute 2% of their turnover to this list. Yikes!


Because they barely use the list as a tool to grow or sustain their business. Their list management consists of infrequent (monthly and sometimes longer) email blasts where they’ll link primarily to curated content and as an afterthought, their own content, if they have anything fresh.

So I’m going to rewrite the above statement…..

The money is in the WORKING list!

Here are 10 ideas for working YOUR list….

Firstly, I believe you should be emailing your list every week. Some people may be scared that this approach is too often. If you provide quality content that is valuable to your audience, I don’t think so.

And if you do lose a few subscribers, who cares? They likely weren’t a good fit for you anyway. Cut the deadwood I say!

Note of caution: if you are not currently sending email blasts each and every week, work up to it. Start monthly for 2-3 months, then double the frequency for 2-3 months. And then double again.

Answer a question. For every one person who asks the question, there are likely 10 others who felt awkward asking or hadn’t considered the question. As an expert in your field, I bet you have a ton of knowledge up your sleeve and your audience will love you for it.

Do you have a sales funnel (hopefully you have multiple) that you can lead your list through? It can start with……..

  • A checklist
  • Toolkit
  • eBook
  • A report
  • Case study

Most businesses have more than one product or service they offer….. Create a process that leads your subscribers through various opportunity paths.

Have you received a fantastic testimonial recently? Share it with your audience… you never know who it will resonate with, or who will share it among their circle of friends.

Look for opportunities to joint venture with businesses who offer a product or service that complements your offering. If they have a subscriber list of a similar size, you should both see growth in your list and you will both be visible to a new audience.

Survey your audience…. Ask them where they need assistance in your area of expertise.

*puts on Julie Andrews voice… Here are a few of my favourite things. I especially like this one with books. Talk about a favourite book and ask your list for theirs. Or ask them “what’s the last book you’ve read?”

Promotions and “list only” offers are always popular.

You could have a new product to sprook. If you do, don’t wait for the release date to share with your audience… Build some anticipation and excitement beforehand.

Promote your affiliates with a success story… your success story.

How are you “working” your list? Have you got an idea I can add to the list?

This article was first published at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/money-list-really-sue-cooper/