Sue has an amazing talent to look at a situation, whether for a website or a business plan, gain insight, and come up with an effective plan of action moving forward. I have been privileged to work with Sun on several projects and she is great to work with and has a terrific attitude - important factors when choosing a new digital marketing consultant.
Beth Kahlich
Kahlick Internet Consulting
Great course for learning the essentials of search engine optimisation from someone who has done it and clearly loves it. Sue was very enthusiastic and a great presenter.
Steve Harrison
Definitely recommend the SEO mastery course. I have recently completed the 5 day SEO mastery course with little experience with SEO in the past. The course was easy to understand and keep up with and I gained a wealth of knowledge.
Samantha Byrne
Sue is a caring and extremely knowledgeable SEO Educator. The knowledge she has given me on how to get the best of my website is priceless. In easy to understand terms, she has given me the confidence and support I need to achieve great results with my goals in SEO for my business website.
Lisa Weeks
I just want to say thank you for a wonderful week of SEO training. Your knowledge and eagerness of SEO has been great, as has your patience with my MANY questions. You have given me a great deal of excitement about the future potential of our business and you have given me the resources and confidence to start improving our website’s ranking and ultimately our business growth. Thanks again!
Due Soon
If only... sometimes these words are so true... If only I had known a year ago the knowledge that Sue passed on in the 90 mins at a Search Engine Academy seminar, my website and business would be in an amazing position by now! Thought provoking and the most up to date and valuable information I have received in a long time...if you think you know the best ways to achieve results on the web and get the best from your website... then you haven't attended this seminar. The only way me website will fail to achieve results now, is by not putting into action what I have learnt in those 90 mins! If you're in business and want to achieve results with your website, but think you can’t afford the time and effort, then I would say you can’t afford not to.
Paul Goodman
Goodman Motorsport Art
Sue is the kind of person who dedicates herself to the success of her workshop students. Once they are trained and experience their successes after training, Sue remains in touch long after the Workshop finishes to provide ongoing mentoring and support. A highly informed educator as well as an excellent mentor, Sue thrives on making sure her students excel in their skills. Strong and solid ethics, highly motivational and my highest recommendation for any business owner needing some help to get their search visibility up to speed and into major spotlights!
John Alexander
Founder, Search Engine Academy
I met Sue through a mutual friend at Business Growth Brisbane MeetUp. I immediately took to Sue's down to earth, generous approach. Since meeting Sue I have found her expertise invaluable. She has helped me in my own business through her LinkedIn course. In addition, she has assisted in improving outcomes for my clients on several occasions. Her knowledge of digital marketing, SEO and LinkedIn is advanced and always current. Most of all, Sue really cares about her clients. I would trust Sue implicitly with the important task of handling the search strategy and implementation of any business.
Lisa Brewster
I have seen how Sue has helped others and goes beyond to help small business owners with online marketing. Her teachings have been invaluable and her passion for helping others has inspired me. I would gladly recommend anyone looking to extend their reach online to contact Sue.
Haison Tran
OMG! Where do I start? I accidentally found Sue, from OMG, on Google+ where I was looking for a solution to my social media issues! Within 10 minutes, Sue was calling my mobile phone and helping me untangle my mess! Her good-natured, GENEROUS spirit was immediately evident and her knowledge was astounding – I literally said OMG at least a dozen times over the phone! I’m in awe and I’m greatly looking forward to a long term working relationship with OMG!!!
Dee Brooks
Jeder Institute
Thanks so much for helping me with all of this! I really do appreciate it and I love that you make it so simple for me to understand!
Kath Barker
Last week I completed the Leveraging LinkedIn course. I have been on LinkedIn for over a year and had no idea how to navigate the site or what I should write.  This workshop has opened up a whole new avenue for my business to progress in.
Julie McDonald
Service has been responsive and successful every time. It's great to know someone cares about us and acts immediately to help out with good constructive advice and great levels of service. Highly recommended!!
Steve Alexander
Honestly, I don't know anywhere else you will find someone who has such a depth of knowledge in their field who really understands HOW to make this work to add value to your business.
Bruce Copleston