SEO Audit

Ensuring Your Business’ Long-Term Profitability Online

Profitability is the goal of any business. When it comes to doing business online, profitability rests on how well a business establishes its presence. A weak online presence could make a business lose a significant number of customers to competitors who have a more compelling online marketing structure. That’s why it’s important to include an SEO audit as a constant process within a business’ online marketing structure.

What is an SEO audit?

Today’s consumers are growing ever more reliant on the Internet for any information they need concerning products and services. Businesses that comply with proper web site and online marketing optimisation techniques are very likely to be found by their target audience. An audit assesses the aspects of a business’ online presence. It ensures that its website’s structure and content, as well as its other online marketing efforts, comply to search engine and social media standards.

The OMG! Audit Advantage

Whether a business has an existing website or plans to build one from the ground up, an audit is required. Regardless of how many pages a website has, whether 1 or 1,000, an SEO audit should regularly (we recommend 6 monthly) be performed to meet the business’ goals, its unique requirements, and the ever changing search engine and social media marketing environment.

OMG! Audits – New Websites For businesses that need a roadmap for online success

  • KPIsAssessment the requirements needed to compete effectively in the business’ market
  • Determine what a business’ online marketing opportunities are
  • Evaluation of the business’ website plan
  • Assess how a business should communicate with their customers
  • Determine the best social media strategy for the business
  • Educate the business on how to properly manage its online presence

OMG! Audits – Existing Websites For businesses looking to strengthen their online presence

  • Ensuring the website is optimised at the code level
  • Assess the website’s optimisation at the content level
  • Assessment of inbound links to ensure that they are complying to current SEO standards
  • Evaluation to broaden keyword opportunities for the business
  • Recommendations on how to improve website traffic, lead generation and sales conversion
  • Recommendations on how to intensify the business’ social media presence
  • Education on how to effectively address online reputation management concerns

OMG! Action Plans – Putting it All Together

OMG! will compile a thorough audit of the business’ website and marketing efforts in a report detailing every aspect detailed above. But it doesn’t end there. A high quality audit merely lets a business in on what is needed to improve their web presence and profitability. It doesn’t walk them through the process of optimisation, lead generation, and sales conversion. OMG! will ensure that the business not only understands what is needed to be done, but more importantly, also equip the business with practical knowledge on how the process of improving their web presence is carried out. OMG! will provide an Action Plan that covers all the specific steps that are needed to address all the items in the audit, as well as some that might not have been covered. The business’ action plan includes recommended solutions for:

  • code level concerns
  • issues on website navigation
  • optimising your website for the right keywords
  • issues around content marketing
  • improving your website’s authority and other inbound link building strategies
  • and we’ll discuss some valuable tools you can get and utilise for growth, both paid and FREE.

The action plan that OMG! recommends are based on the best practices that Google and other online platforms recommend. These practices are drawn from OMG!’s 15+ years of experience in working with clients who have seen significant improvements in their business’ online presence.

Would you like to know more about how an audit can help your business achieve your goals online? Call us today at +617 3170 3220.

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