When you’re looking for a good marketing tool for your online activities, you may have encountered SEMRush (https://www.semrush.com/). With the website boasting of having almost a million users, you couldn’t help but wonder “is this the right tool for me?”

Well, check out what we have to say in this review.

Who is it for?

SEMrush is basically for digital marketing professionals, and it’s obviously stated in the company’s website. With the wide range of available research and data tools helpful in making business decisions, it’s definitely a delight for any digital marketer. In fact, some of the biggest names in online marketing such as SEOBOOK and Internet Marketing Ninjas have revealed that SEMrush is their favourite tool for SEO matters.

Business owners and entrepreneurs can also make use of SEMRush for their competitor analysis and advertising research in order to know how to serve their target market much better. The tools will also help analyze the best platform to advertise their products and services.

Web developers and website managers will also find SEMRush valuable. Keyword research, deep link analysis and organic research are just a few of the available tools that will help these professionals assess the effectiveness of their website and create strategic plans to boost visibility.


SEMRush has a wide array of tools that will benefit entrepreneurs and marketing professionals in terms of online market research, data analysis and strategic planning.

When it comes to analytics reporting, SEMRush has the perfect tools to ensure that professionals will be making decisions based on accurate, comprehensive data. Here are just some of the features:

• Organic research – Lets you analyze your competitors’ standing in terms of organic search so that you can have a benchmark when revamping or maintaining your content. It will also help you identify new organic competitors and analyze changes in domain rankings.
• Advertising research – Similarly, this tool will help you analyze the ad budget and strategies of existing and new competitors.
• Display advertising analytics – Aside from helping you assess competitors’ ad strategies, this tool also lets you identify the best publishing platform to launch your ads.
• Backlinks – Lets you perform analysis of deep links to understand the value of the websites linking to your own.
• Keyword research – Whether you’re into paid search, organic or both, this tool is one of the most essential in terms of creating an effective online marketing strategy.

There are also other valuable tools that make creating digital strategies more convenient, such as the keyword difficulty analysis tool and the side-by-side comparison of domains.


The benefits of SEMRush are aplenty.

  • With the many valuable online marketing research and analysis tools available from SEMRush, the website will be your one-stop portal for all the data you need in creating your next marketing strategies or improving your existing one.
  • The marketing tools here can essentially help you take advantage of your competitors’ ad activities since you can analyze their strategies and apply the excellent ones into your own marketing plan. Besides, you won’t just be analyzing their SEO activities, you can also benchmark on their paid search, online advertising and even their link building and keyword strategies.
  • The custom-made reports with colourful graphs make it easy for you to analyze your strengths and weaknesses against your competitors. You can even design your own report using your own branding theme and share to those who need to see them. And you can set schedules if you want these reports to be released regularly.
  • SEMRush is developed by a team of digital marketers, and thus, you can be sure that each tool is really meant to be used by marketers such as yourself. You can expect higher efficiency and well-thought layout to make marketing analysis streamlined and convenient on your part.
  • The company has a global presence with established office in four countries and offers support in 17 languages by its hundreds of digital specialists. So when you need help on related matters, you know there’s someone you can depend on. What’s more is that the team behind SEMRush are open to new ideas and thus you can contribute further to their main mission — to provide equal opportunities to every individual in the world of online competition through transparency and fairness.


Despite the customisable report, the SEMRush tools can be best maximized by professionals who are adept with the technicalities of the analytics and analyses of market data. With monthly plans starting at $69.95, you need to make sure that you can fully utilize what SEMRush is capable of. So if you think advanced online marketing tools are too much for you to handle, you might not find your monthly package a worthy investment. On the bright side, you can specifically request a custom plan to ensure that you have the tools that you only need.

Final Words on SEMrush

SEMRush offers a comprehensive set of tools perfect for anyone who wants to analyze and improve their business image in the online world. The more than 900,000 users of their website, as well as the big SEO companies being their clients, are a few indications that SEMRush can prove valuable to your digital marketing efforts.