Leveraging LinkedIn for Lead Generation
Build authentic connections
Precise audience targeting • Get beyond the gatekeeper • Build relationships with decision makers
Are you a B2B business?
LinkedIn is the best social platform for B2B networking.  Join us in this 1-day workshop where you will discover our simple system that generates enormous success with lead generation.
Customise your profile based on your target audience
Build connections by visiting your target audience’s profiles
Build a relationship through quality conversation
Convert leads into your list with a powerful magnet
Workshop Outcomes
What's In It For YOU
  • gain more visibility
  • receive an increased number of connection requests
  • open opportunities to introduce yourself
  • rise to the top of your field and connections
  • build a solid foundation for lead generation
  • we work hands-on, implementing techniques into your business
  • seating is limited to 10

I will share my strategy and show you:

  • how I’ve added 1500+ relevant connections without sending a single connection request
  • the strategy that has taken my visibility from 39 profile views over a 90 day period to over 2200
  • the quick and easy process that constantly generates leads
Participant Feedback
Today I had the incredible opportunity to engage in one of Sue’s interactive workshops, specifically with how to get the best out of LinkedIn … what a legend! Sue and Julie explained details in clear, easy to follow language with practical hands-on advice that anyone could follow .. even someone like me. Honestly, I don’t know anywhere else you will find someone who has such a depth of knowledge in their field who really understands HOW to make this work to add value to your business. Now it’s time to play and put into practice what I have learnt – can’t wait! Thank you Sue, you are a blessing and obvious choice to answer any question someone may have in this arena by providing the solutions so many seek from your profession. More power to you! Bruce Copleston

Satisfaction Guarantee
With this satisfaction guarantee, you really have nothing to lose. If you don't believe you're getting value from the event, then you’ll be given the opportunity to invoke this guarantee – if by morning tea you see no benefit of continuing in a workshop, you can leave and we’ll process a full refund. No questions asked.