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More bang for your buck

There’s not many businesses who couldn’t benefit from increased leads and sales which are generated through digital marketing services and processes. Maximise the success of your online presence with careful planning and strategic Internet marketing.

How to get more from your site is the BIG question. Choosing your online partner and succeeding with your online growth can be quite a daunting process, and some web companies use your confusion to sell you something you don’t need – a new site, a big SEO investment, a whole new social media package – and nothing improves. Has this happened to you?

OMG! offer a full range of digital marketing services to cover your entire online existence.  You can choose from just one of our services, ie Digital Consulting which can assist you in finding a suitable web developer with quality SEO skills, or you can engage our services as a full online partnership.

Before you start, you need a plan – an online marketing plan. The web consulting process will help you to list your priorities, decide your short term goals and create a site that educates, sells, stimulates, engages or simply satisfies your customers.

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Internet marketing is a necessity in today’s digital age. No longer can you build your website and automatically expect your customers to click through to your site. You need to continually and consistently work to gain online visibility. The processes needed to achieve top results may take months, but imagine your business opportunities when you have a product or service that is searched for by 500 potential customers in a month. Imagine if you had five of these products! Or twenty-five! Would that sort of traffic through your front door put a smile on your face?

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Profitability is the goal of any business. When it comes to doing business online, profitability rests on how well a business establishes its presence. A weak online presence could make a business lose a significant number of customers to competitors who have a more compelling online marketing structure.

That’s why it’s important to include audits as a constant process within a business’ online marketing structure.

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Training is delivered in small, hands-on workshops, with a low student:trainer ratio.  This environment ensures your learning success.  Topics include SEO, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Analytics and WordPress.

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Why Choose OMG!?

If you are the DIY type, you have the option of having your website designed and developed to your requirements, followed by “non geek” hands-on training, where you can gained the necessary skills and techniques to having your website working for the business, both through search engine optimisation and social media marketing.  Or you may have a dedicated team member who would love to get their hands dirty and take on this new role.  We love to share our enthusiasms with business owners and their team members, always providing a gentle guiding hand through the online marketing minefield.

We work with businesses to get websites working better. Relax – a new site isn’t always needed!  Getting the most from your site does require an integrated approach – a great SEO-friendly framework, authentic quality content, perhaps a social media plan and continually building links to your site.  These are the techniques we can help with and together, we can grow your business.

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