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Strategic Planning to Determine Your Goals

Before you start, you need a plan – an online marketing plan. The web consulting process will help you to list your priorities, decide your short term goals and create a site that educates, sells, stimulates, engages or simply satisfies your customers.

Are You Breaking the Rules of Website Marketing?

This is a BIG topic. In recent years, many smaller businesses have abandoned other types of marketing and are relying almost entirely on their website, so let’s look at the issues.

Assertive Home Page

You need a strong home page that commands attention. Remember, unless the customer is just searching for your contact details, they’re comparing your business to a string of competitors.
How much time do they give you? Less than 5 seconds to sell your message. So a home page which is cluttered, ‘over-designed’ or poorly written means your message is ignored.
What can YOU do? Think of your home page as an advertisement. Far too many people create a website designed for their regular customers, when in fact, those regulars rarely visit your website (and that’s another issue). They just email, or call you.

Your home page should literally be an advertisement to attract potential customers. Things like “50% off first purchase”, loud and bold, will have a stream of new clients coming to your door.

If you can’t afford the discount, think about what you can ADD. “FREE 4th Haircut” or “Bonus coffee with each order”. Yes, it costs money – but you have them in the cusp of your hand; how much does it cost to LOSE that customer standing at your door.

Strategic Integration

When you integrate a series of website ideas, each new add-on doubles, triples the power of your investment. Why? Because if you use the add-ons properly (and it’s not hard) they will all link to each other and form a “virtuous-cycle”, where people using one add-on then use another, and another

Developing an Email List

If you haven’t started, you need to do this urgently. There’s many ways to achieve this voluntary buy-in, and many ways to reward it. But what it achieves is a list of people who are familiar with your business, your brand, and your services – you should be aiming to achieve several thousand, at least. Ask us for some ideas for your business.

Using the List

Don’t bore them with a predictable newsletter that is poorly written and dull. Instead, engage in “Flash” marketing … “Today, all coffee free” – sure it will cost, but try it to a small group, and measure the response. They may or may not be able to take up the offer, and those that do, will undoubtedly buy some lunch, too … or bring a paying friend.

For example – are you looking for testimonials? Then send an email to your clients, offering $100 for the best testimonial. You’ll get plenty of amazingly good statements, and $100 is a small cost to get these.

Or are you looking for marketing ideas? Send around an email offering $100 for the best marketing idea. You’ll get an overload of new ideas, and $100 is a VERY cheap cost to get their suggestions, quite possibly based on what your competitors are doing. And it tells you what they’re thinking, too. It’s a brilliant strategy.

Bounceback to your website

When you send an email, make sure they need to register, or do something on your site – put a link on the email. This brings them back into the “world of your marketing”. They’ll see other offers, or different new services.


There’s many more great ways to integrate your website, your email, data collection and marketing. Some involve Facebook – there’s more than 800 millions users. The advantage with Facebook, is that it does the marketing for you – you can make an offer, and Facebook automatically markets to all your “friends”. For example – got an empty week coming up? Then make a specially priced offer – first 10 people – and Facebook will do the rest for you.

We’ve had a lot of experience creating integrated marketing websites. Call today for a no obligation chat!

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