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Level 36, 71 Eagle Street
Brisbane  Qld  4000


Head Office

+617 3170 3220

Sue has an amazing talent to look at a situation, whether for a website or a business plan, gain insight, and come up with an effective plan of action moving forward. I have been privileged to work with Sun on several projects and she is great to work with and has a terrific attitude - important factors when choosing a new digital marketing consultant.
Beth Kahlich Kahlick Internet Consulting
Great course for learning the essentials of search engine optimisation from someone who has done it and clearly loves it. Sue was very enthusiastic and a great presenter.
Steve Harrison 
Definitely recommend the SEO mastery course. I have recently completed the 5 day SEO mastery course with little experience with SEO in the past. The course was easy to understand and keep up with and I gained a wealth of knowledge.
Samantha Byrne