Provide honest and up-to-date strategies in a “no geek talk” environment to ensure your success.


To empower 10,000 businesses across Australia and New Zealand by June 2020. To be the Internet marketing training centre of choice because of our excellence in partner care.


To enable SME’s to compete at an even level with big business.

Core Values

  • Integrity without compromise
  • Teamwork
  • Positive attitude
  • Dedicated to partner success

Sue’s Story

Sue CooperThe concept of Online Marketing Genies was born in 1997.  I was working as a Project Administrator for a large international construction company.  I quickly realised the discrepancy of male/female roles, i.e. my (male) equivalent was earning twice the income as me, doing the same role.  When bad behaviour arose, the company also condoned that person’s behaviour, which should have been a sackable offense.

So in 1997, I said to myself “one day, I will create a company that values integrity and honesty in all aspects of business life – team members, clients and partners.  I will create a business whose culture is so fantastic, the people and clients seek us out to become involved.”

And so HomePage Development, established in 2001, rebranded to Online Marketing Genies in May 2014.

Online Marketing Genies – Claim your 3 wishes today! ~ more traffic, more leads, more sales…..

What We’re About

Online Marketing Genies are all for being AWESOME – awesome team, awesome clients, awesome products and services, awesome results and inspiring awesome things to happen! We love nothing more than helping businesses secure more traffic, more leads and more sales through their online efforts.

Combining our expertise in Business, SEO, Web Design and Development and Social Media we can offer friendly and personalised solutions that are suited to help a wide variety of businesses– from micro businesses to corporations.

Whether you need help establishing your business online, or you need us to offer guidance on the next direction to take your online presence, you can count on us to give you the best advice and strategies to reach your goals.

We understand that time is of the essence and that you’re busy running your business, but we also know the amazing benefits a powerful online strategy can provide. Trying to do both on your own can be tricky and overwhelming. We love what we do, so why not use our passion to your advantage and let us take care of the online side of things? Of course your input (and passion) is welcomed and appreciated too!

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