Have you got as far setting up a Google AdWords account but don’t know where to start? The below Adwords strategy, should help you get started.

Set Your Aims

This is key point. Before starting anything make sure you know what you are trying to achieve, as it is impossible to hit goals you have not set. Do you want more sales? More views? More readers?

Carry out Some Research

This can be broken into 3 broad categories. Firstly research your keywords. Explore the words people are typing into search engines that are relevant to your company or product, and be prepared to spend time doing this- It is crucial to your campaigns success.

You also need to research your competitors. Look at what companies are near the top of AdWords rankings, analyse their copy, their offers, their products, their website and generally get to know them.

Get to know your audience. Read their reviews, their likes and dislikes of businesses and products similar to your own, the needs they want addressed, their emotional response to other products. Take all of these things and address them in your own ads.

Have a Great Landing Page

If the page your ads lead towards has a fantastic offer, is easy to navigate and visually fantastic it will stop people from leaving your site. Remember to use your research, not your gut, when creating your landing page.

Utilise Exact Match Keywords

Keep your keyword list small, and make them all exact matches. When you are starting out, this will make it far easier to track what words are performing well, and you can eliminate those that are not- Adding in words that are similar to your top-performing words in their place.

Group Similar Keywords into Ad Groups

Grouping keywords that result in similar results helps track patterns more easily. For example the keyword “bargain”, “buy” and “sale” all result to transactions.

Use Relevant Ads that Are Proven to Work

Make sure your copy for ads is based around keywords you know that both work and are relevant to the product or service you are promoting. It is then up to you to come up with an enticing offer or unique selling point that differentiates your offer from your competitor’s.

Track Your Results

Going back to the very first part of our strategy, take a look at whether your Ads are achieving your aims. Remind yourself what your aim is- Even if your ads are generating positive results in other areas, if they are not hitting the results you require, your ads are not working for you.

Analyse Your Data

Always analyse the data you receive- Competitor research is great, but researching your own efforts is perhaps even better, as it is the only way you can genuinely find out what is working for you.

That’s it; there we have a simple strategy for AdWords. Of course AdWords is a much more complicated area than this article explains, but the above steps should be plenty to get any new user up and working with AdWords, where you take it from there is up to you.